198: Tenacious D

Sorry about the late upload, everyone, we were encountering problems with the website.  Apparently our new homepage caused some unforseen errors in Firefox and Google Chrome, but those are al fixed now, and we're back up and running!  Sorry to any of the folks who tried to visit the site and got an error message, and thank you for waiting for the comic.

But now, let's talk about freaking Tenacious D!!!  I was so excited about the new single they released yesterday that I just had to make today's comic about them!  To hear the single, watch a hilarious video, and pre-order their album, visit their website right here.  I love the D and would happily live as their slave for all eternity.  It would be an honor for a lowly subject such as myself.  This comic was by far the most fun and most disgusting thing I've ever written, it is unbelievably fun to try to write like Tenacious D.

And now for a few more bands to listen to.  First up is a band that the Sultan told me about, called Ben Harper & the Relentless 7.  Ben Harper is a master of the slide guitar, and it makes for some amazing blues music.  Next is a German thrash metal band by the name of Maroon (which makes it impossible to search for them without getting Maroon 5).  Their style is closest to thrash, but they also use frequent symphonic sections, as well.  Here's a good song of theirs called "Schatten."  Thanks to Lunch from Mississippi for this recommendation!.  And the last band I have for you is a really awesome Argentinian rock band called Eruca Sativa.  These guys are amazing, and their singer has such a good rock voice that everyone will love her even if they don't speak Spanish.  Check out them playing their song "Magoo" here.  A big thanks to Manu from Argentina for the suggestion!  Now, I'll see you all tomorrow, assuming nothing else goes wrong with the website!

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