199: Arkells

Arkells are an awesome Canadian light rock band first introduced to me by George from Canada.  You wouldn't believe how many times I try to purchase music online and get a "This product cannot be shipped to your country" message for MP3 downloads.  It's like the internet is just trying to make people pirate music at this point.  Check out some of Arkells' songs from their latest album on this playlist, and then thank George for this excellent recommendation!  I think I'm going to right now! (inhaaaaale...) THANK YOU GEORGE!

In other news, Stonefield just released their newest single last week, entitled "Bad Reality," which you can listen to on the MUSIC page, since I can't find it on Youtube yet.  Now, I don't want to gloat, but this is their first single to be released in the American iTunes store, which I am telling myself is entirely thanks to me asking them to do that.  I don't care about what the "facts" are, they did it cuz of me, and I feel awesome about it.  Finally something from those girls I can download in my country!  I actually have to thank JT from Finland for first telling me about the single's release.  Thanks, JT!  And the next two bands that we get to listen to were given to me by Andreas (or "Sam", apparently) from Denmark.  The first band AndreaSam mentioned is a heavy metal band from the UK called Viking Skull.  Here's the title track from their album "Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey," which has some really kickass guitar work on it.  The next one is an American punk band called The Unseen, who definitely live up to the true punk image, at least with the lyrics and attitudes of their songs.  And they even have some lead guitar riffs in their music, as well, like their song "Scream Out."  For both of these bands, and the earful of merriment they provide, let us give thanks to AndreaSam.  I'll see you all tomorrow with a very special 200th comic!

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