200: #200!!

Fuck yeah, color!  Surprise, everyone!  Comic #200 marks the beginning of color in 3CD!  Black and white is alright, but everyone wants to see what their characters look like in the real spectrum.  I would like to say the comics will all be in color from now on, but I still expect to be doing a lot of black & white comics, too.  The coloring takes a while, and adds a lot of complications to the image editing process, so anytime I want to speed things up, I'll simply do a black & white strip.  I expect the coloring to get a lot better as time goes on and as I get more practice, you can even see how things changed between panels 3 and 4 in this strip.  If you wanna see some fun practice work I did, here's some color experiments from earlier today.

And now for some awesome 200th comic music to listen to!  Here's a band I know everyone from Denmark will be glad to see mentioned: D-A-D!  D-A-D is one of the most well-known Danish rock bands, getting their start all the way back in 1982.  Their name was originally "Disneyland After Dark," but were forced to change it simply to D-A-D (or D.A.D. or D:A:D at different times) due to legal issues.  Here's a song of theirs called "Nineteenhundredandyesterday."  Really, you should just thank everyone from Denmark all at once for these guys.  Next up is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands, called Delain, who were formed by the ex-keyboardist from Within Temptation (another Dutch symphonic metal band).  The singer's voice is beautiful and the guitars are awesome, if you're a fan of lady-fronted symphonic metal bands, these guys are perfect for you.  A big thanks to Matthijs from... the Netherlands?  Who knows.  The last band up for today is an amazing string quartet from England called Escala.  They were runners up on the TV show Britain's Got Talent, and have since released their debut album, playing amazing orchestrated metal songs.  Here's a video of them performing Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" (which features Slash on guitar in this version) on Britain's Got Talent.  I might be biased, but watching four pretty White ladies performing string versions of Led Zeppelin songs sounds like the greatest shit in the whole world to me.  Robert from Kansas told me about this band (as well as about 40 others this last week), so I woul like to give a huge, expressive "Thank you, Robert!" to him.  I'd also like to thank some other awesome readers of mine, namely Mari from Brazil, Mats from Finland, José from Venezuela, and Benjamin from Nowhere, who are all fans of some amazing artists (AC/DC, Kai Hansen, Skeletonwitch, etc.)  They are kickass and therefore are able to kick anyone's ass they want, a big thanks to all of them.  Due to the large number of recent emails, as well as some website problems that I had to take care of, I'm about a week behind on emails and recommendations.  Luckily, I have the weekend to go through a whole bunch of those, so I'm gonna spend the whole time drowned in youtube video playlists.  Sounds like fun to me!  See you guys Monday with a (hopefully) colored comic!

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