201: Noticed

W00t, first full color comic!  And after playing around with the different image editing options, it came out much better than Friday's!  For some reason I'm still the hardest for me to get right.  Hopefully I'll start getting the hang of this shit soon!  I haven't quite decided yet what Cassie's official hair color is.  I'm going with pink today, but I might try some other colors out, too.  Or maybe I'll just pull a Ramona Flowers and change it every week and a half.  :)

Okay, we got a ton of shoutouts and awesome people to thank today, as you might imagine!  But first we have an amazing fan art of Cassie, drawn for us by Kate from Canada!  Her artwork is outstanding, and she can easily draw my characters way sexier than I ever could myself.  Also, she says that Cassie's legs are like that because she's learning how to roller blade at the moment.  Sounds legit to me.  This is beautiful, Kate!  Thank you so much!  Next I would like to thank Erick from Mexico for all of his music questions, Squashed Mos from . . . uh, Squashed Land, for his character questions, and Daniel from California for his guitar questions, and also for heping me out with some browser issues last week.  You three are funking awesome, and are excellent at putting question marks at the ends of things.  A fine skill, indeed.  And finally to both Jazz from Texas and Daniel from Germany for their emails and/or suggestions, I hope ye both be adorned with the finest riches and sexiest nerds of opposite gender available in the land.  Ye deserve it, without question.  And of course to all the bajillions of returning customers I've heard from, it is always astounding to know that you have stayed with us for some reason.  I can't imagine why you would stay, there must be something wrong with you all.  You should probably get that checked out.

Ok, let's get a few bands out here to enjoy, and then I shall be off quicker than Batman to a booty call (ha, I said "off").  First up is a really kickass Celtic punk band called Fiddler's Green, from Germany.  This song and video of theirs is just so fucking awesome, and I can guarantee you'll be shouting along with it by the end.  It's a cover of the old Irish drinking song by the Dubliners called "BUGGER OFF!"  Excellent.  Big thanks to Maria from Germany for telling me about these guys.  The next artist I have for you is a rapper by the name of MF Doom.  His image is influenced by the supervillain Doctor Doom, and he often incorporates comic book artwork on his albums and videos..  I really like his rhythm, I think anyone who likes good, smooth hip hop will appreciate his talent.  Check out his video "Accordian" right here, which doesn't have any comic book images, but is a song that I really like.  I'd like to thank Seth from This-is-not-a-game-of-who-the-fuck-are-you for introducing me to him.  I'll leave it here today, and join you all tomorrow once again!

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