202: Raincheck

Yet another day of further color exploration for the intrepid cartoonist.  This time I felt that the last comic's colors were too bright and hurt my eyeballs, so I went duller today.  It causes a few more quirks, like the words being less bold, and the background being kinda green, but so far I'm liking this trend.  At the very least, all the White people's skin is starting to look more like White people's skin, so that's definitely an improvement.

Hey.  Hey you, reader.  Wanna listen to some bands?  Well then sit down and listen to this, skippy.  This here's an Argentinian folk/power metal band called Skiltron, and they are bagpipes.  No wait, they are awesome, because they use bagpipes.  Check out this song of theirs, which is aptly titled, "Bagpipes Of War."  As Glen from Scotland, who gave me this band, would say: hooray for geographically confused pipers.  Thanks a bunch, Glen!  Now don't you go anywhere, skippy, I gots more.  This time it's an American garage/alternative rock band called Heavy Young Heathens.  This band is a duo (like many garage bands), but this time there's no guitar.  You got bass, you got drums, and frankly, that's all you need with how awesome these guys sound.  Here's the video for their single, "Jackie Come Lately."  Courtesy of Brady from Australia, thanks mate!  (see? I speak Australian.)  And finally, skippy, we get to hear one more power metal band, this time a band from Germany called Silent Force.  Like many power metal bands, they incorporate neo-classical elements to their guitar playing, like in the song "Once Again."  Oh yeah, and that chorus, holy awesome.  This band was but one of the many dozens of exquisite recommendations provided by Robert from Kansas.  Thank you, Robert!

And now, I think you all know what time it is.  It's time for some more of "The Tale of Zack, Son of Dorkylvania."

     "At long last, I managed to slip away from the palace unnoticed.  The Emperor was asleep, and I wasn't allowed to leave the grounds without his permission, but thanks to a few easily-persuaded guards and some dark alleyways, I finally get to go out on my own once more.  Honestly, I just wanted to blow off some steam.  Being cooped up in that Grand Hall, being blanketed in the pretentiousness coming out of Zack's mouth all goddamn day long, it's enough to get on anyone's nerves.  But now I have my chance to finally excape for a night, maybe drink a little at my old tavern...
     ... Maybe see some old friends...
     Well now, that's interesting... I hadn't planned on using tonight to further my own agenda, but it looks like I've just made the perfect opportunity to advance this political chess game of mine.  My old friends at the tavern should suit my interests perfectly.  And of course they'll trust a familiar face like mine.  It's a shame I have to bring them into this, though, I would rather it be done all by myself, but Zack's tenacity has proven too steadfast for me to undermine that simply.  Now I just need to figure out how best to approach them about it all...
     I skirted around the darkened edge of the central plaza, where the night sentries wouldn't notice me, and moved my way towards my old stomping grounds.  It has only been a few months since my rise to power, but this tavern seemed entirely nostalgic to me now, like I was revisiting a memory from long ago.  Placing my hand upon the wooden door of the tavern, I took a deep breath and put on the friendliest smile I could, and then pronouncedly swung it open.  Not one second after the famiiiar musk of sweat and beers hit my face, I heard an all-too-jovial voice ring out.
     'Thayet!  I'll be damned, come in here you old boozer!' "

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