203: Zealous

Right-o everyone, time for me to give you some more music links, and then I'm gonna get the fudge outta here!  So let's get to it!  I'm gonna give you guys four different bands today, THREE of which come from Sebastian from Belgium!  They were my three favorites from him, all three of which come from Belgium, and which are all varied enough for me to want to feature them together.  The first one is a rock band called Triggerfinger, and their song, "First Taste."  The band's sound is often compared to Queens Of The Stone Age, which I think is a pretty decent comparison.  The next one is a garage band known as Black Box Revelation.  They have an awesome bluesy sound to them, which you'll notice in their song, "I Think I Like You."  And I WAS only going to show one video by them today, but I love this other video so much, I'll show it anyway.  Here's "My Perception," which not only has a great video, but the song and the singing sound EXACTLY like the Rolling Stones.  And the final band from Belgium is a hard rock/heavy metal band called Diablo Blvd.  The singer's voice kinda reminds me of Michael Poulsen from Volbeat, which is especially awesome when combined with kickass rock guitar.  A big thanks to Sebastian from Belgium for this great mix of music!  And for our fourth band, and fifth link, of the day, we have a kickass cover of "Born To Be Wild" by the band Hinder, sent to us by Ele from Spain.  Hinder is most famous for their poppy grunge ballads, but this video proves that they can still rock to the classics like they're goddamn Mozart.  And despite all the sexy women they got in the video, for some reason I still want to bang the lead singer the most.

That's all for today!  Bang you all tomorrow!

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