204: Nightwish

My Nightwish all look like pirates. :)  Today's comic is black and white again because drawing famous people is kinda hard, so I didn't want to have to figure out their colors, too.  Nightwish started out playing acoustic and symphonic folk music, and then gradually became heavier and more hugely produced as time went on.  They just kept adding stuff to their music, and adding, and adding, eventually incorporating all of the instruments and musicians mentioned in the comic, I'm not making any of that stuff up.  (well ok, the choir was more like 40 people, but that's it.)  And yet, despite their albums becoming totally overproduced, they have actually become awesomer and awesomer because of it.  This band knows how to incorporate all that stuff well, and every time they add something, it seems to get better.  I can only imagine what crazy addition they'll concoct for their next album.

Here's a fun fact that I only just learned for myself recently.  There is no technical difference between a philharmonic orchestra and a symphony orchestra.  They both can include the same instruments and play the same kinds of music, the words are basically interchangeable with eachother.  Orchestras usually just choose one in order to differentiate themselves from other orchestras, like their being one London Symphony Orchestra and one London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Neat-o!

Okie dokie, how's about some music?  Some of you guys might have heard about the YouTube group called CorridorDigital, who make live-action video game movies with UNBELIEVABLY good special effects.  Well the members of this group also started a band recently, known as The Keep.  Not only is the music surprisingly good light rock, but they bring their same high level of quality to their music video.  They have one EP out so far, and one music video, which you can watch here.  Be warned though, the video contains people getting shot, with very realistic detail, so be prepared for some gore.  Here's the music video, and here's a link to one of CorridorDigital's amazing video game videos.  A special thanks to Eric from New Jersey for telling me about The Keep!  And the other band for today, recommended by Robert from Kansas, is a Swedish power metal band called Steel Attack, and their song, "The Beast."  A very standard, but as always, very awesome power metal band.  That's all for today, more comics tomorrow!

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