205: Adrenaline Mob

*sigh* If only... For some reason Mike Portnoy is purple in my mind.  Also god.  He's god in there.  I tried editing the words and pictures separately today, which let me make the words darker and clearer, but it also gave me twice as much editing to do, and now there's some white boxes around the dialog.  I may or may not keep up the habit...  Adrenaline Mob is one of two new bands that Mike Portnoy is in right now, the other being Flying Colors.  Both just released their debut albums last month, and both are, of course, amazing.  Adrenaline Mob features Russell Allen of Symphony X on vocals, and is the band that most people are paying attention to.  I won't give a full review of their new album, but I will tell you some of my thoughts on it:

Adrenaline Mob's new album, entitled "Omertà," is really good metal.  The actual genre of metal is a little hard to classify; there are some progressive elements to it, but also pop metal and hard rock elements, too.  It makes the music totally unique from either Dream Theater or Symphony X, but the new style is very entertaining.  The guitar playing of Mike Orlando is pretty standard most of the time, but good, and his soloing is absolutely incredible.  Russell Allen's singing is hard and angry, though still in the realm of actual singing, and compliments the metal guitar playing very well.  And Mike Portnoy's drums will never be anything less than perfect.  The one unfortunate thing is that the songs don't call for a lot of complex or progressive beats at all.  This isn't bad for the songs, but it means Mike Portnoy doesn't get to shine as much on this album; it ends up being mostly about the guitar and singing.  All in all it's a very good metal album, not the most groundbreaking or original, but I loved song after song after song.  I would definitely suggest heavy metal fans pick it up.  You can hear a song from the album on the MUSIC page, and another one on YouTube by clicking here.  And here's a link to the band's cover of Black Sabbath's "The Mob Rules," which is from their earlier EP, but I love it so much that I want to show it anyway.  The cover was the only song from the EP that was not re-recorded for the new album.

And now I'd like to thank several of the people that I heard from over the last week for all of their awesomeness and recommendations.  Those people are Lucas from Germany, Marlen from Croatia/Canada, Martyn from Australia, Carl from the Rick Astley Fanclub (I'm assuming), Nat from the planet Irk, and the slightly offensive-sounding Darky from England (who assures me that it's unintentional.)  Thanks to all these heroic men and women for making their voices heard, we shall all hope to hear those voices again soon!  Until then, have a good weekend everybody!

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