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April 7, 2012
The Black Mages
The Black Mages III: Darkness And Starlight (2008)

I know the date of this song still says yesterday, but that's just because I'm putting up the song before midnight tonight.  And that's because, for once, I get to go to sleep at normal human hours!  The novelty is shocking to me.

But anyway, THE BLACK MAGES FUCK YEAH!  Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu's band, which play rock versions of his own Final Fantasy songs.  In other words: the answer to all of Kevin's prayers.  All six members of the band are employees at the game development company Square Enix, several of them being from the music department, the rest just being some dudes around the office who play kickass instruments. :)  Unfortunately, the band is kaput, because as members of Square Enix they were ONLY allowed to play Final Fantasy music, and they wanted to play other songs as well.  So they disbanded, and five of the members reformed as The Earthbound Papas, who play songs from other games, and frankly aren't quite as awesome.  Oh well, The Black Mages still left us three albums, perhaps the greatest video game rock albums ever recorded.  I mean, just listen to this goddamn song!  ARGJRF:KAJSD GUITAR SOLO.


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