207: Cage The Elephant

I couldn't for the life of me think of anything to write about Cage The Elephant for a comic, so eventually I just asked myself, "Well, what kind of comic would Cassie write for them?"  Boom: more ideas than you can shake a wang at.  Cage The Elephant is a kickass alternative band that has become very popular in the last few years.  Their singer has one of those voices that sounds totally awful and weird for singing, and for some reason it makes the songs totally AWESOME.  I don't know what it is, but the same thing goes for a lot of classic punk bands, too.  Check out Cage The Elephant's biggest hit single right here: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked."  Fact about this song: the version you hear in the music video is slightly different than the version on their album.  I personally like the music video version better, but lo and behold that version is only available to download in the UK stores.  There's not a copy of it available anywhere to download in the USA, those rat bastards.  Now the song is only MOSTLY awesome.

The other two bands I have for today come as recommendations by Lucas from Germany.  And since I can guarantee that the recs are awesome, let us all thank Lucas in advance.  We thank you, Lucas, for the listening splendor we are about to behold with our ear parts.  The first band is a Norwegian metal band called Chrome Division.  Featuring the lead singer from Dimmu Borgir, these guys play a very Motörhead-like style of metal, like this!  A very different style from Dimmu Borgir's symphonic/black metal, but I really like the new style.  Here's another song by them for me to show off.  The next band is one of the earliest and biggest thrash metal bands from Germany, the band known as Sodom.  They are one of the "Big Three" of German thrash metal, dating all the way back to their origins in 1981.  Here's one of their most popular songs, entitled "City Of God".  Thanks again to Lucas for these and many other recommendations!  See you all tomorrow!

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