Song of the Day

April 10, 2012
James Brown
Cage The Elephant
Cage The Elephant (2008)

Here's another great song from Cage The Elephant's first album.  You can find a lot of their songs as music videos on YouTube, so I decided to put one of my favorites that doesn't have a music video up today.  You can hear how singer Matthew Shultz's voice is definitely not pretty, or even what you might think is good, but for some reason it is intoxicating and fits the music perfectly.  The guitar never gets too crazy in Cage the blah's songs, but it is at a very appropriate level of technicality for alternative rock.

This first album of theirs is fairly uniform, most of the songs are somewhat similar to this, and it's a really good album.  Their second album is much more eclectic, meaning there'll be something for everyone, but you might not like every song from the album.  The said they chose songs for it that "each sounded like they were from a whole separate album".


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