208: Invitation

Who'd have thought gym clothes would be such a turnoff?  Gah, I must be insane to try to draw comics this late at night.  Knowing me I'll just go right back to being completely nocturnal.  Oh well, I hear daylight is bad for your health or something.  Luckily, the couch color came out better than I expected in this comic, although I'm not sure if it actually looks like a couch to begin with. :3

Alright, well since it's pretty late already, and since I have plenty of you awesome folks' emails waiting for me in the morning, I'll just mention one really awesome artist and then get the funk outta here.  This here is an amazing female guitarist by the name of Orianthi.  This girl is so good that she's played with Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, and Alice Cooper, and was Michael Jackson's guitarist on his final tour, all before she was 25 years old.  To show her amazing skills, here's a video of her doing an instrumental duet with Steve Vai, called "High Strung."  The other music she writes tends to be girly pop-rock, only the special twist is that it's girly pop-rock with kickass guitar solos.  Here's an example of this, with her song "According To You".  She is an absolutely amazing guitarist, check her out.  And then thank Jonathan from New York for first telling me about her!  Thank you Jonathan!  Alright, see you guys tomorrow!

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