209: Waiting

I still can't quite figure out that couch's coloring.  Damn you, furniture, you are the bane to my "artistic" abilities forevermore.

For those of you have been following the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, you know that Guns N' Roses has been inducted this year.  You probably have also heard that it was unsure which members would show up, or whether they would play together, since nobody gets along with Axl Rose anymore.  Well, Axl officially announced today that he will NOT be showing up to the induction ceremony.  But not only that; he has also declined being inducted as a member at all, leaving it to the other four original members and keyboardist Dizzy Reed.  Rose announced this via an open letter to the Hall of Fame, with his usual "nobody likes me over there, and they never will, so I might as well not start shit" bravado.  This is humorous in a way, because I and a lot of other classic GNR fans consider current Guns to be a totally separate entity from old Guns.  With Axl's declination, this idea has basically been legitimized.  It's like they're inducting OLD Guns N' Roses into the Hall Of Fame, represented by the other original members, and not CURRENT Guns N' Roses, represented by Axl Rose.  The whole thing is being blown out of proportion by the music media, but I kind of enjoyed having my own views of the band legitimized by the separation of members.  In other rock news, the reunited Black Sabbath has announced that they will be headlining Lollapalooza this year, as their only American reunion show.  The only other reunion show they'll be doing is at Download Festival in Donington, UK.  No other news has changed - drummer Bill Ward is still on the fence about doing anything, and the new album is still being recorded as planned.  We can only hope that the rest of the band will sort out the money/contract issues they're having with Bill Ward, so we can get a full reunion going.

Alright, today we have a new band recommendation that comes to us from DJ Mumin at Recharged Radio, who hosts a program that showcases new and unsigned bands from around the UK (and other places).  This is one of the bands she told me about called The Mercy House, who just released their new single, entitled "Greed."  The band's debut album will be released on April 23, and you can find many more awesome unsigned bands on DJ Mumin's show.  Thank you, Metal Mumin!  Keep the music coming!  The next band is a Swedish death metal band called Anata, which was recommended by Danié from Spain.  This band plays a genre of technical/progressive death metal that is lovingly referred to as "tech-death", which you can hear an example of in their song, "The Great Juggler."  Thanks Danié for the band, and thanks to all of you just for sticking around reading this crazy stuff!  Later!

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