Song of the Day

April 12, 2012
More Than Words
Extreme II: Pornograffitti (1990)

I thought this song was fitting for the way the recent Kevin/Jolie comics have been going, and how there's a lot of stuff being said in them that isn't actually being said with words.  The song is by the not-really-that-successful hair metal band Extreme.  The band is fronted by Gary Cherone, who was the singer on the Van Halen album "Van Halen III," but Gary has always done a much better job in Extreme than he did in Van Halen.  This song was Extreme's most successful hit, and is quite an impressive acoustic ballad.  The lyrics are also pretty meaningful; they're about how the words "I Love You" have been overused so much that they've nearly lost their meaning.  They ask for you to show your love with more than just words, by showing it physically somehow, because then you wouldn't even need to say anything for them to know it's true.  Awwww!


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