210: Origins, Part I

Ah, back in the day when you could drop your ipod on the floor, and the only thing that would dent would be the floor.  :)

Alright everybody, I've got a very cool announcement today!  Beginning Monday, April 30, 3-Chord Dorks is going to be doing two full weeks of Fan Comic Strips!  That means you guys get to write and draw your very own 3CD comics and send them in to me, and I'm going to pick my top 10 favorites and post them up for those weeks!  Here are some guidelines for the comics: No nudity is allowed, BUT cursing is totally fucking fine!  If you can make the comic funny, that's good!  If you can make it about music, that's even better!  Otherwise, character strips are totally cool, too!  It does not need to be colored, it does not need to be well-drawn, it does not even need to have perfect English, just try your best to make the funniest 3CD strip ever!

I'll be accepting comics from now until Monday, April 30, so that gives you guys two weeks to submit your comics to me.  Email all submissions to Kevin (at ) 3chorddorks [ dot] com, and be sure to include the comic image or a link to the comic image, your full name and country, and if you have a nickname or alias you'd like to go by, include that as well.  The only requirement is that the image must be AT LEAST 1000 pixels across, and the words must be legible!  If I get extras, I'll post them up as honorable mentions in the paragraphs below the comics.  Now, go have fun with it, you guys!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

And to satisfy your music cravings for the weekend, here's a new Spanish band that I found today on Amazon, called '77.  This band's name represents their goal to make rock the way it sounded back in the 70's, and boy do they succeed at that.  The band's songwriting, guitar tone, and even the singer's voice, are almost perfect emulations of early 70's AC/DC, from the Bon Scott Era.  It amazed me how much like Bon the singer sounded, and how close the songwriting was - it was like hearing brand new AC/DC songs for the first time.  The band tries to emulate AC/DC so much, that they even grew their hair to look like them and play the same model guitars as Angus and Malcolm Young do.  The best analogy I can give them is that they're like an AC/DC tribute band that writes original songs - so If you're a fan of early AC/DC, you'll love these guys.  Here's a song called "High Decibels," from their new album of the same name, and here's a video for their earlier song "Big Smoker Pig."  I'm such an AC/DC dork; the first time I heard one of their songs I was like, "You know, this actually sounds more like '74 AC/DC than it does '77 AC/DCohgodwhatiswrongwithme."

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