Song of the Day

April 13, 2012
Five Iron Frenzy
The End Is Near (2003)

Speaking of Christian Rock, here's one of the several Christian Rock bands I listened to as a young lad, Five Iron Frenzy.  Some of you might know them, even outside of Christian Rock music, simply because they are an absolutely amazing and hilarious band.  They started off as a ska band, eventually getting less reliant on their horn section and more reliant on their guitars, as you can hear in this song.  I still love this band and all of their songs, even now after years and years.  Knowing everything that I do now about music theory, songwriting, composition, and so forth, I can honestly say that Five Iron Frenzy are some of the most talented songwriters I've ever heard.  They have skill that pushes them beyond the genre of Christian Rock, and because of that, they are still one of my favorite bands of all time.  I'll probably do a comic about them at some point, too.

And if songs with a lot of religious messages make you uncomfortable, fear not.  Most of FiF's songs don't sound religious at all, and many of the ones that are, you can't tell because the lyrics are ambiguous enough.  Like this song.  You'd never have guess that the lyrics have religious meaning, would you?


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