211: Origins, Part II

What?  Of course my TV had antennas!  You weren't there, maybe it did, you don't know!  Shut up!  Also, my table and TV had the magical ability to switch colors with each other.  I lived in a Magic Shoppe, that's why.

It's true that quite a lot of Christian Rock songs are just love songs, but you know, to JESUS.  Wanna see?  Granted, this is an amazingly beautiful song, and one of my favorites to play on the acoustic guitar; but yeah, TOTALLY a love ballad to Jesus.  It's a regular satire of the genre that you could take any existing love song, replace "baby" or "girl" with "Jesus", and have a perfectly workable Christian Rock song.  I like it. :)

Today I'll mention a band that many of you might be familiar with: Porcupine Tree!  These Brits have been around for several decades already, and have made a huge name for themselves as a progressive rock/ light rock band.  Here's a video of them performing their song, "Trains," to give you an idea of their sound.  I've talked with several people about this band through emails, and heard the name mentioned offhand by several others, but the first person to officially go "YO, Kevin, fuckin' listen to this band" was Eric from New Jersey, so he gets all the credit!  Ha ha, in your face, other nice people!  The next band we get to listen to is called Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, a new British psychadelic rock band.  Some might call them awesome Stoner Rock, though as you know I try to avoid using that term when I can.  More accurate to call them Black Sabbath-like, but with psychadelic influences.  But perhaps Elie from Lebanon put it best, simply stating: "Rock and roll still lives."  Thanks to Elie and Eric for these bands today, and thank you to several people I've heard from recently, as well!  Those people are Ryan from Australia, who provided some recommendations for art programs, Pedro from Portugal, who did what many of us do and read through the entire comic archive in one glorious sitting (took three and a half hours, apparently), Samuel from New Zealand, who recommended me some awesome local Kiwi bands, and finally Adam from Scotland, whose recommendation caused me to go buy an album online almost immediately (yay!).  Thank you so much to all of you fine gentlemen, you honor us with your presence on the internet superhighways.  Until tomorrow, y'all!

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