212: Origins, Part III

My dad is an adult and he is doing adult things.  I have no idea what those things are.  What do adults do, like, taxes or some shit?

You can probably guess what song I'm going to be playing on the Music page today, huh?  The song "Layla" was played on a commercial that ran for several months back when I was 15.  At first I never paid it any attention, but after hearing it so often, I finally decided to ask my dad about it, which spawned my entire interest in classic rock.  That commercial changed my life, when you think about it.  Thank you, Comcast Cable Company; if not for you and your over-use of the same damn song again and again, I wouldn't be doing this right now.

Ok, to start off our music today we have an American band called The Gracious Few.  These guys have relesed one album so far, with songs ranging from Classic Hard Rock to softer Light Rock, all of them pretty freaking sweet.  Here's a great song called "Honest Man," which shows off their more Classic Rock side, as well as their amazing guitar and vocals.  I'd like to thank Barcel from Poland for recommending these guys to me!  And for our next video, we have a cover of the theme from the video game Skyrim, played on the violin.  That's right, we're switching from rock and we're going nerdy!  The Skyrim theme has been covered ad nauseum, but this video earns a special place for it's soaring landscapes and costumes, check it out here.  And, just because I feel like staying with nerdy stuff for now, the violinist in this video has also done a cover of the Legend Of Zelda Theme, similar to this one with costumes and landscapes.  It's pretty fucking nerdy that she dressed up for these, but honestly the extra effort makes me appreciate it that much more.  Special thanks to Ele from Spain, who first let me know about the Skyrim video. Thanks, Ele!  And thanks to the rest of you for being patient with these late comic uploads!  (it's tomorrow in Australia already...)

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