213: Origins, Part IV

I consider myself a method artist.  I drew the last panel with my pants off.  Eric Clapton's autobiography became my regular bathroom reading material for a couple weeks after my Dad gave me it and a greatest hits CD for Christmas.  Best Christmas ever.  This comic actually brings up one contunuity error that I didn't realise until it was done.  I will give 100 Rock Nerd points to whoever can tell what it is, but I should warn you, it's pretty subtle.

After being delayed by a day, I'm really glad that the artwork of this comic turned out so well, but it ended up taking longer than I had hoped to figure out all the angles.  I'm going to have to take back my promise for two comics today, and instead will just continue with the next comic tomorrow.  Thursday's and Friday's comics will now simply be up on Friday and Saturday.  That's much easier for me than having to draw two comics in one day.  Thank you all for understanding, and in case you guys still want to see it, here is the temporary comic that I put up yesterday during the delay.

Now, as promised, I have a couple of awesome fan arts for you guys!  This first one is a great sketch of Jolie done by Ryan from Canada!  He captured her incredibly well, the lineart is fantastic, and it gives her an amazingly realistic look here.  Great work, Ryan, thank you so much!  The next two drawings are not technically 3CD fan art, but instead just kickass works of art done by our reader, Alice from Sweden.  You might remember Alice for her previous sketch of Cassie, well now she brings us her very own invented character: The Defender Of Heavy Metal!  A badass rocker chick appropriately wielding an axe as her weapon, the Defender of Heavy Metal slays all genres who might oppose her, her shout of "Death To False Metal" being heard across the lands by all!  (And she's pretty cute, too.)  She will be defending metal in my dreams for all eternity, I only hope we get to see more of her in the future!  Beautiful drawings, Alice, you're wonderful!

We'll continue with the story again tomorrow and over the weekend!  Remember that you guys still have more than a week to submit your fan comics before April 30.  If I end up not receiving enough for the whole two weeks, I'll simply put up the ones I have by then, but I'm hoping you all will choose to draw something awesome for it!  I'll see you all tomorrow!

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