214: Origins, Part V

I'm pretty sure every cartoonist's least favorite thing is drawing cars and people sitting in cars.  It always feels awkward and difficult.  Dumb car, you go to heck!  (clean language, fuck yeah!)  Also, suck it people in England, that steering wheel is on that side and it's staying there!

And now for the results of yesterday's "Spot the Continuity Error" challenge!  The correct answer is the MP3 player I was listening to in bed in panel 3!  We saw Kevin get a giant old 1st generation iPod just a few strips ago, and now he (I) suddenly has a new, small, black one?  When the funk did I get that?!  (Also, those hadn't even been invented in black yet).  The folks who guessed correctly include Rohan from The Shire, Georgia from Australia, and Jim from Canada, who each earn 100 glorious Rock Nerd points for their incredible brains!  Another honorable mention goes to Elie from Lebanon, who pointed out that I had a belt in panel 4 for some reason, which is technically correct as a continuity error, since I am not wearing a belt any other time.  However, that one I did on purpose to make it clearer that I had my pants off :3   But since it does technically break continuity, Elie is being awarded 50 Rock Nerd Points as a runner-up.  Congratulations!  And to all the other guessers, a consolation prize of 10 Rock Nerd Points shall be given, don't you feel lucky?  Believe it or not, the most popular answer I received had to do with the location and/or number of my pimples in the different panels. Ha.  But no, that wasn't it.

Time for a few kickass artists!  The first artist, who was recommended to me by Pedro from Portugal, is an American guitarist by the name of Greg Howe.  Howe is an absolutely incredible jazz-rock fusion guitarist, whose instrumentals and skills are nothing short of godly.  Check him out jamming in these two videos: first a kickass rock guitar instrumental, and then a more smooth-jazzy one.  He is one of the most technical jazz guitarists I've ever seen, for sure, thank you for the suggestion, Pedro!  And the next band is a popular rock band from New Zealand called Steriogram.  These guys have a sound that falls somewhere between pop-rock and alternative rock, check out the video for their song, "Moving On" right here.  I'd like to thank both Gary and Sam from New Zealand for telling me about the band!  You guys rock!  I'd also really like to thank Alfonso from the Philippines for sharing some Original Pinoy Music with me last week, Jake from New Mexico, Marc from Spain, and Prav from Malaysia for their recommendations and remarks, and Zach from Australia (I'm pretty sure), who went to high school with some of the girls from Stonefield (which is why I'm pretty sure).  I want to trade lives with that man and then find a time machine to go back to high school again.  I like to set realistic goals.  Thanks to all of you guys for your contributions to the "Kevin feels happy" tank, which you have filled and overflowed several times over.  And to the rest of you, see you all tomorrow!

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