215: Origins, Part VI

Kind of a filler comic if you ask me, but I see it as a necessary bridge for our story.  And since I made you guys wait a while for this one, I snapped some pictures during the creation process so you guys can see the steps I take to make each comic.  The whole thing is a pretty slow and meticulous process, but a fun one.  First we start off with a light pencil sketch of each panel.  Then I add color.  Then I do a darker outline, and fill in pupils and mouths.  After coloring, I scan each panel, and then I finish any last coloring and adjust the colors via image editor.  This concludes our behind-scenes-look at 3-Chord Dorks!  Wasn't that exciting?!

As well as giving you guys an inside look, I'd also like to show my appreciation by saying thanks to some awesome folks I've heard from this last week or two.  Those guys and gals are: Jacob from New Hampshire, Ryan from Maryland, Phil from Canada, Kat from The Philippines, and Sam from the UK.  You guys are amazing and it couldn't have made me happier to hear from you!  I also got the chance to hear from a fellow webcartoonist named Mike Jandreau, author of the comic Wicked Off Kiltah.  He's a cool dude so everyone show him a little love over on his site!  And finally, to all of the people that I've talked to before, and have continued to hear from these last few weeks, I love you all and I hope you live long happy lives and have many nerd babies.

Finally, how about some music?  This first band is a project started by As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis.  The band, known as Austrian Death Machine, was made for the sole purpose of parodying the movies and career of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Every song is a reference to one of the Governator's movies and his most famous lines, just like this masterpiece: "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle."  A huge thanks to Aarón from Costa Rica for giving me one more good thing to stick in my squishy brain.  The next band is an awesome psychadelic rock band from the USA called Radio Moscow.  If there was a contest to find the band that sounded most like they were from the late 60's, this band would win that contest easily.  Fans of classic blues-rock will be instantly reminded of Hendrix from these guys, especially for their guitar tone and the large number of effects that they employ.  Check out an awesome song by them called "Broke Down."  And to Marc from Spain, the man who first introduced me to them, a big special thank you.  I am in your debt, and am henceforth your musical slave.  More comics coming this week!  Yippee!

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