216: Origins, Part VII

Hey, this comic actually has words in it!  Remember when we used to do that?  For the people who hadn't visited the site over the weekend, I put up a temporary page to explain all the late uploads recently.  This week is going to have very erratic updates, due to me getting ready to move.  If you'd like to see the page that I put up on Monday about this, you can see it right here.  This is also the reason why I decided to do some Fan Comic days coming up, so that I could have a little time to rest while I'm settling in.  Unfortunately, I haven't recieved very many comic submissions yet, only two as a matter of fact.  I would really love the chance to have more than just two days of fan comics, so I hope that some more of you guys decide to participate!  There's still 6 days left!  Do it for rock and roll, people!

To start us off today, I'm going to share some Original Pinoy Music that I was told about by Alfonso from the Philippines.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Original Pinoy Music (OPM) simply refers to any orginal music from the Philippines, kinda like this band: Rivermaya.  These guys play awesome light rock, sometimes incorporating a latin R&B groove to the style.  Listen to a great light rock song by them here, called "Liwanag Sa Dilim".  And here's another OPM band called Rico Blanco.  These guys will sometimes feature electronic sounds and effects in their songs, giving their pop-rock a slightly more progressive, post-rock feel to it.  Here's one of my favorite songs of theirs, the ballad "Your Universe" (which doesn't have any of these effects in it, darn.  Also the words "featuring Riza Santos" in this video's title are misleading.  They just show pictures of her, she doesn't sing.)  A big thanks to Alfonso for introducing me to these and other Filipino bands!  Last up is a rock band from the UK called Dear Superstar.  Like many modern rock bands, it's a little hard to define their genre or style, since they incorporate elements from pop, rock, and heavy metal into what we know as "that modern rock sound" (as opposed to "that classic rock sound").  Regardless, they still sound pretty freakin' sweet, so check out their song "Brothers In Blood" and enjoy the heavy modern rockiness.  And I'd like to thank Jess from England for telling me about the band!  And that's it for today!  I'll see you guys sometime tomorrow!  When's it gonna be?  Who knows?!  Exciting!

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