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April 27, 2012
One For Rock And Roll
Heartbreak Station (1990)

 Cinderella is actually a very special hair metal band to me, for only one reason: they recorded this album.  During the 80's, Cinderella was a very typical hair metal band, who sounded like every other hair metal band, and who only ever achieved mild success.  Then in 1990, they recorded this album, which changed their style from normal hair metal to a bluesier, more classic one, and it resulted in one of my favorite albums by any hair metal band.  The album is filled with bluesy Rolling Stones-esque riffs and gospelly vocals, and the songs themsleves are all amazing.  Their next album, which was their last, returned to their previous hair metal style, but they still left behind this one album.  An album that is their legacy in my opinion.


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