218: Origins, Part VIII

We're back, everyone!  I am now in my new place of residence and I am feeling great after the break, ready to get back to comics and finish up this storyline we're on!  Everything about the move went smoothly, the only thing I wasn't able to do was make a very large dent in all the emails I still have to read from this last week or two.  But I'm going to go through those 50-something emails and 150+ bands as soon as I possibly can, you guys deserve it!  I owe it to all of you guys for sticking out the break with me as well, but now your patience will be rewarded by five uploads a week, yet again!  Yippee!

As for today, I've got a few great bands for you all!  The first is a pop rock band from Denmark called Pinboys!  Like most pop rock bands, their songs are infectiously catchy, but these guys also bring a fresh twist to the genre by featuring dual male/female vocalists, like in their song, "Nothing Left To Lose."  I'd like to thank Maria from Germany for the introduction to this band!  And next up, a kickass metal band from Sweden called Machinae Supremacy.  These guys combine the heavy metal sounds of guitar with the electronic SID chip from an old Commodore 64 game system.  That's right, they're a metal band that uses chiptunes.  And many of their songs make references to gaming culture, anime, and other nerdy things.  Check out one of their songs that I really like right here, called "Force Feedback."  And the coolest part about this band is that they allow most of their songs to be downloaded for free from their website!  They've been big advocates of the free sharing of music, and have built a significant following because of it.  In other words, they be some awesome dudes.  And a special thanks to the awesome dude who first told me about them, Ryan from Maryland!  That dude be awesome.  See you all tomorrow!

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