219: Origins, Part IX

You know, I'm really starting to feel like a Final Fantasy franchise with all of the "Part IX's and X's" going on.  The next character I'm going to introduce will be a chocobo.

Let's get right onto music for today, shall we?  Here's a Mexican band that I always thought was popular enough not to even need a shoutout.  But after being recommended by Andres from Venezuela, I figured that I might as well talk about them, just in case there's anyone out there who doesn't know them yet.  The band I'm talking about is Maná, an incredibly successful Latin Rock band, whom I first learned about on Santana's album Supernatural.  Here's one of their really popular videos, for the song "Amor Clandestino."  And then here's the song they did with Santana, entitled "Corazón Espinado."  Thanks for getting me to finally talk about these guys, Andres!  And the next band is another one that I've gotten quite a few requests for, and have grown to like more and more each time.  Well now I finally get to mention the band Kasabian, an alternative rock band from England.  The band has become very popular in the last 10 years, playing a classic alternative style that they will sometimes mix with electronic sounds in their music.  Here's one of my favorites, called "Days Are Forgotten," and then here's one that has a slightly more electronica feel, called "Underdog."  And I would like to thank all three people who recommended this band to me over the past few months, including Jorge from Spain, Zero from Australia, and Sam from the UK.  Check it out, guys, I finally got to Kasabian!  Woohoo!

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