220: Origins, Part X

OHHHHHH, so "Origins" also meant the origin of the shirt!  That is a totally unexpected plot twist and nobody could've definitely seen it coming!

As of today, a lot of really great things have come out.  First of all, Tenacious D have put up their entire album for streaming on their website, for free!  I've now listened to the whole thing, and I'm going to do a full review of it come Monday.  Expect me to say good things!  And of course, The Avengers also came out today, and it is FREAKING AMAZING.  This is by far the best Marvel movie ever made, in all aspects.  The action is incredible, the plot is strong, the execution is tight, and (one thing that I didn't expect), it is absolutely hilarious.  There is so much humor in this movie, and it only works to enhance the experience.  A lot of us nerds had a small fear that, after all the hype and buildup, The Avengers might not be able to live up to people's expectations.  Well this movie went above and beyond all those expectations, and I think everyone should see it if they have the chance.  I cannot wait to shovel all of my time and money this summer straight at Joss Whedon's face.

Next week is guest comics, it looks like we'll have enough to fill up one full week.  Can't wait, see you then!

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