Song of the Day

May 4, 2012
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Eric Clapton
I Have No Idea What Concert This Is (2010)

A lot of people know Clapton's own songs, but this cover of Over The Rainbow is just so beautiful, I feel lucky that I found the video while browsing YouTube links.  Eric Clapton's singing voice has actually changed quite a bit over the years, getting gradually lower, and better, as he's gotten older.  This was mostly due to an incredible addiction to cigarettes he had, which deepened his voice significantly and made it a lot raspier.  The addiction actually almost killed him, and he had to go into rehab for the third time in his life (the first was for heroin, second was for alcohol), but he's now got a much better singing voice because of the ordeal.  A great silver lining to an otherwise harsh cloud.  Also he's clean and sober now and has his own rehab center called Crossroads, so he's doing a lot better.


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