Song of the Day

May 6, 2012
Trainer Battle
Pokémon RBY

Yay, Pokémon!  Another cover from one of the funnest video games of my childhood.  Red/Blue/Yellow still have the best soundtracks of any PKMN game, and the simplicity and nostalgia of those early titles still make me happier than any others.  TheDelRe did a great job on this cover, getting all the melody parts down and in sync with eachother.  This song has been covered countless times on the internet, but it's always refreshing to hear one that's very well executed, and with ACTUAL good sound quality.  (recording quality is the bane of the video game cover world.  Believe me, there are so many artists out there, but only a select few of good recording quality.  I treasure those few.)


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