221: Guest Comic by David Schwantes

We're starting our guest comics off with this great contribution by David Schwantes of Mount Saint Awesome.  Dave is a fellow member of the "draws himself in his comics" club like me, and his love of music is only matched by his love of nerd humor, so you should definitely give his site a look.  The band mentioned in the comic, Rx Bandits, is an awesome ska band (plus a little alternative rock and indie rock thrown in) from Calfornia.  Ska has been known to go through several resurgances in popularity over the last few decades, with the "Third Wave" gaining a lot of success during the 80's and 90's. Dave's words about the Rx Bandits' album Resignation are very true, it might go against the metalhead in me, but I really love the music.  Check out a song from the album right here, called "Decrescendo."  Thank you Dave for giving us an excellent start with this comic!

I've actually got plenty of other people I want to give shoutouts to right now as well, but I'm going to save them for a long, special one coming up soon.  It's gonna be pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.  As for today, let's continue the ska trend with another band called Streetlight Manifesto.  These guys are a much more traditional ska/punk style like most you'll find out there, and they are incredibly skilled at the genre, the band and its members being credited for helping to revitalize the genre during some of its most recent waves in popularity.  Check out their song "Everything Goes Numb" right here.  And then I'd like to thank Jacob from California for the recommendation!  I'll see you guys tomorrow with another guest comic!

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