Song of the Day

May 7, 2012
Oh, Canada
Five Iron Frenzy
Proof That The Youth Are Revolting (1999)

Because I'm in a ska mood, that's why!!!  Ska is one of those genres where once I start hearing it, I want to KEEP listening to it for a while.  So here's a song by one of my favorite bands in the whole world (because I grew up on them), Five Iron Frenzy.  Many people might know them as an incredibly awesome Christian rock/ska band that sadly broke up after 8 years of amazing.  They gradually got further away of their ska origins and became closer to rock and pop-rock (which is my favorite style of theirs, surprise, surprise).  But this song is one of their earlier ones, which still features a lot of emphasis on the horn section and the synchopated guitar beat that ska is known for.  Also it's really funny.  That's important for the band.


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