222: Guest Comic by Sarah Murphy

Today's comic comes to us by Sarah Murphy from the foreign lands of the United America of America.  I've heard tales of this strange magic "Merica-land", but if you ask me I think it's just a myth, like Atlantis.  I mean, no place could ACTUALLY have that many fat people in it.  I think they made it all up.  Some of the words in today's strip might be a little hard to read, but the comic has some fantastic artwork in it, especially on the faces.  Evil Cassie makes me laugh every time. :D  Also, my hair makes me look like I'm a character in Kingdom Hearts.  Honestly, it would be an improvement, there's some dope music in those games.  (Oh god, I just used the word "dope" to mean cool.  I think I've spent too much time around college kids...)  Thank you, Sarah!  Please say hello to the unicorns in your mythical 'Merica-land!

Hey kids, you wanna hear something that's really cool as long as you have a Facebook page?  For the next five days, Slash is going to be streaming songs from his upcoming album on his facebook page, one song each day.  If you have a Facebook account, you can listen to the songs by following this link.  And if you don't have a Facebook account (like me) then the world doesn't care about you and you can pretty much go fuck off.  You're not even a real person anyway.  (If you're British, please replace "fuck off" with "sod off", simply because it makes you sound more BRITISHY.)

Now for your musical entertainment today, I present  to you the band White Wizzard, from America.  These guys are a modern heavy metal band, but with a very unique twist: they actually play classic heavy metal.  Believe me, that IS a really unique twist for modern American metal bands. :)  The band wanted to take heavy metal back to its roots, to the days of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, as a response to the popularity of modern hardcore metal.  And they have succeeded in capturing that sound perfectly.  Plus, since the band knows that their music is somewhat "outdated", they throw a lot of oldschool metal humor into their videos that people like me just love. <3  Check one out right here, for their song "Over The Top."  Special thanks to Danié from Spain and BlueShift from New Zeeeeland for recommending this band to me!  And the other band I have for you today is an awesome pop-rock band from the Netherlands called Destine.  Instead of just having one really catchy song, these Dutchmen have somehow managed to make every single song of theirs the perfect mix of catchy, pretty, and memorable that so many pop-rock bands strive for.  Matthijs from the Netherlands (who told me about them) and I have been in a discussion about what we call "teen girl rock" for a while now, and let me just say this:  If these guys are teen girl rock, then I want to be a teenage girl right now.  I'd go for the singer, he's got that sexy emo hair.

Also, I just realized that I never did my Tenacious D review!  Well, now it's a little too late for that, so I'll just do that tomorrow!  Hurray!  'MERICA!

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