223: Guest Comic by Moritz Herold

Well, now that Mo from Germany has written out the whole plot for the future, I guess I don't need to keep making comics anymore!  It was a good run, but I'm sure gonna miss you guys!  Thanks for clearing that all up for us, Mo!  (Mo is a zombie from Germany, you guys.  For reals.)  He actually sent me 7 different versions of this comic, but this was by far my favorite; the punchline made me laugh so hard after reading the whole wall of text.

And now for my promised review of Tenacious D's newest album, Rize of the Fenix, which is due for release next week.  I'll talk about how it's slightly different from their previous albums, and what about that I liked or didn't like.  All in all, it's a great D album that any fan of theirs will love, and is a clever and humorous record, with fantastic music from start to finish.

I'll start off with what is awesome about the album.  Most of the songs are instantly recognizeable as Tenacious D songs, coming in with their trademark acoustic guitars, and then bringing in the full rock band later in the songs.  Every part with the full band rocks my fucking socks off, and should be taught in schools to show youngsters what rock and roll is supposed to sound like.  The lyrics of these songs are funny, as usual for The D, but this time it's not just from the explicit F bombs everywhere.  The lines are incredibly clever, they are really, really witty, and sometimes you don't realize how funny a line is until you start to think about it.  It definitely seems like a more implicit and mature evolution of The D's normally explicit lyrics.  Another cool thing about the album is that many of the songs are like homages to different genres.  There's a latin song, a folk ballad, a fast 50's blues rock song, a Van Morrison-esque/Rod Stewart-esque light rock song, and so forth.  The album is more eclectic than any previous album, but it is still inexorably a Tenacious D album.  And one of my favorite things about the album: the sketches are back.  The spoken sketches that they included on their first album were some of the funniest things in the world, but they didn't get to include them for The Pick Of Destiny soundtrack.  Well now they have them back again, and they are fucking hilarious, but unfortunately there aren't very many of them on the album.

There are a few things about the album that I kinda disliked, though.  They weren't things that were bad about the album, but they were just things that I personally didn't prefer.  I mentioned above that the parts with the full band are rocking and amazing, but some of the songs started off kinda slowly and unimpressively.  The acoustic riffs they used are the kinds of riffs that sound badass on electric guitar, but aren't as strong when done on acoustic guitars.  Now, the D has shown in the past that badass rock can TOTALLY be done using only acoustic guitars, so I'm forced assume that it's just because of these specific songs they wrote.  Also, while the lyrics are without a doubt incredibly witty, I actually liked the old style of lyrics way better.  On their first two albums, the words were actually the main focus of every song.  They were very clear, the meanings were explicit, and they were incredibly simple and filthy lines.  The music was really just used as a medium to deliver the lyrics in an entertaining way, and then when you paid attention to the music you noticed that it was also amazing all on its own.  On this album, the words no longer take center stage, but are now equal to the music.  They aren't as simple, and since they're not the center focus anymore, sometimes I don't even notice the jokes that are in them.  I ended up laughing less during this album, simply because I noticed less to laugh at.  It's there, but it's harder to notice.  This album is much more mature in its humor than either of their previous ones, but quite honestly, I'm not looking for mature humor when I listen to Tenacious D.  I'm looking for exactly the opposite.  A personal opinion of mine, and one that I can't count against the album, only against my own enjoyment of it.

And so, based on everything awesome about it, I can say without a doubt that it is an amazing record that everyone will love.  It has everything you want from Tenacious D, sometimes exactly how you expect it, other times totally different than how they've ever done it before.  Personally I didn't think the album was AS strong as their previous two, but I know I'm going to be listening to it and enjoying it for the rest of my life.  I give Rize Of The Fenix a score of 7/10.

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