224: Guest Comic by Gøran Mogaard

This was the first comic submission I received, done by that rascally Norwegian guy, Gøran Mogaard.  According to Gøran, his name is pronounced "Gøran," so make sure you get it right, or I'm hunting you down.  What's awesome about this comic you ask?  First of all, the fucking T-shirts.  Second of all, the speaker is on fire.  Third of all, "Oroborus" by Gojira, which is of course the most relaxing song on the planet.  Also the speakers look like angry cyclopses.  Uh, but with two eyes, I guess.  And what's up with my belt in the last panel?  What, do I wear the buckle on my side or something?  I SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE I ENJOY THE MISERY OF OTHERS!  HAHA, feel my wrath, Gøran!  The O in your name is so unnessecary that it's been crossed out!  BURN!

Now, as for new music today, I'd like to start out with the American metal band Shinespark.  No wait, that's "Spineshank", my mistake.  Despite being nominated for a Grammy in the past, Spineshank is still largely unknown.  Their music is labelled as alternative metal, but as far as I can tell there's nothing really alternative about them.  I would say they're closer to "awesome grunge metal", but that's a small difference anyway.  Check out the video for their song "Synthetic" right here, and then thank Ed from Canada for his contribution to the growing archives of metal!  Thanks Ed!  And next up is an old progressive rock band known as King Crimson.  A rather underrated band, these guys began back in England in 1969, just as the prog genre was developing.  The band, though not the most widely known, has garnered a lot of respect from progressive rock fans, and the members continue to tour under different side projects.  Their current side project, called "Crimson ProjeKct", is opening up for Dream Theater for part of their current American tour.  Check out their progressive mastery on this amazing track: "21st Century Schizoid Man."  A big thanks to Stevie from the UK for getting me to listen to these guys!  (Although Andres from Venezuela did mention them offhand a long time ago.)

Before I go, a lot of people have been asking how I've been this last week, since I never really mentioned it much after the move, did I?  It's true that I was too stressed to work around that time, but after taking the week off and finally settling in, I've been doing wondefully.  You guys were nothing short of amazing during the week off, and for some reason most of you decided to come back.  You guys must be insane or something.  Thanks to everyone for reading and emailing and taking up all of my time with music.  I want it to last forever and ever. <3

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