225: Guest Comic by Leslie Anderson

Glenn Danzig loves him some wolves.  Many of you will remember him as the founding member and lead singer of the Misfits, as well as from his own band from the 80's, Danzig.  Today's guest comic comes to us from Leslie and Jarod over at Maybe Too Metal, which if the name didn't already imply, is a freaking sweet webcomic.  Leslie recently began drawing in this totally awesome 1920's Disney style, which I absolutely adore, so everyone should go waste some time over on their website!

In addition to all these awesome links so far: LOOK, VIDEO GAME MEDLEY!  This collection of the greatest video game tracks in one awesome medley is done by the YouTube artist FreddeGredde.  Though he doesn't do a lot of game covers, when he does they are spectacular, like this adaptaion of the Wind Waker credits sequence.  I've known about this guy for a while, but I would have totally missed out on his new medley if not for Will from the Future.  (He says Australia, but that goes without saying.  If Road Warrior has taught me anything, it's that only Australia exists in the future.)  And finally a progressive metal band from Norway called Circus Maximus.  Quite frankly, they are very awesome.  Except for crazy time signatures, they are everything I love about Dream Theater, right down to the 10-minute-long songs.  Both of their albums are amazing prog metal, and they have a third one set to come out next month, you guys should totally check them out.  A huge thanks to Gabriel from Venezuela for the info about these guys, which was definitely a great find.  As for everyone else who has sent in emails these last three weeks, all I can say is: good things come to those who wait! (for three goddamn weeks... grumble grumble...)

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