226: Guest Comic by Sarah Kushner

Here's our final guest comic for now, drawn for us by Sarah Kushner from California!  Sarah photoshop-perfected the crap out of this thing, just look at that layering on the Kraken!  I don't even know what layering means!  What is it, something I can with colored pencils?  Also, I'm very glad that she decided to go with a Kraken joke, instead of the internet's usual response to the word "tentacles".  Tomorrow will be a sketch day from myself, and then it's back to regular comics on Wednesday!  I'd like to thank everyone who sent in submissions for our fan comic week!  I bet next year we can even make it to SEVEN comics!  Holy balls!

And now for something completely different.  Actually not really, I just wanted to use a Monty Python reference.  Reread that sentence but with John Cleese's voice.  "And now for something completely different:"  Today we get to listen to a very popular modern rock band called Skillet.  Technically a Christian rock band, but from their music you might not ever be able to tell, with their hard mainstream rock sound that any modern rock lover can appreciate.  Here's one of their most popular songs, called "Monster".  And the people who told me about this band were none other than Rohan from Isengard and Zack from Dorkylvania.  (My readers have the awesomest homelands)  Thanks to both of you!  And the next band for today is a Swedish heavy metal band called Corroded.  These guys recorded a song for the online shooter Battlefield Play4Free, as well as two albums of their own.  Their mid-tempo style perfectly straddles the line between hard rock and metal, such as in this song, "6 Ft. Of Anger".  This time I have Barcel from Poland to thank for recommending them to me!  He rocks my socks.

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