227: Fanservice

Girls With Slingshots was actually doing the same thing that I was at the time, but Danielle ended up receiving over 100 guest comics.  Mother of Fuck, that's a lot of comics!  But after I'VE been around for 8 years, I'm gonna blow that number out of the water!  Watch out, Danielle, you and GWS are on my hit list!  In the meantime, check out her comic - there's lesbians and junk.

Let's start off our featured music today with an American alternative rock band called Middle Class Rut.  These guys are pretty new, just getting their start in 2006, and they've only released their debut album so far, but it's got some good songs.  Check out the video for their single "New Low," which has become very popular very quickly.  This band is courtesy of Andy from South Africa, thank you sir!  And finally a classic punk rock band that some of you Rancid fans might have heard of.  This is the band that vocalist Tim Armstrong and bassist Matt Freeman were in before forming Rancid, and the band is called Operation Ivy.  They play a very similar style, blending elements of classic punk with ska, so any fan of early Rancid is bound to enjoy these guys as well.  Check out their song, "The Crowd" right here.  This time I get to thank Puffman from Canada, once again!  And of course thank you to all the readers who still come back regularly for more comics.  Without you there is no 3-Chord Dorks!  See you all tomorrow!

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