229: Hologram

A black and white comic for today; I'm still trying to figure out Wade and Myles' skin colors, my colored pencil set doesn't come with a "light-skinned Black dude" pencil, so -- oh, wait a minute. . . Well, I'll be damned, it actually does!  Oh Crayola, you crafty bitches.

I've been wanting to talk about the Tupac hologram ever since the middle of my "Origins" storyline, but I didn't get to until now.  I'm sure most of you already know about the holographic image of Tupac Shakur that performed at Coachella Music Festival a few weeks ago, which sparked a huge debate amongst classic rock fans about who else they would like to see holograms of.  Rolling Stone talked about it, memes were made about it, and Queen was even asked if they'd think about bringing back Freddie Mercury as a hologram (they're doing something similar in an upcoming show).  Personally, my attitude is a mix of panels two and three.  There's a part of me that's excited about getting to see people who died before I was born, but there's also a part of me that thinks it's kind of a bastardization of those people's legacies.  As a nerd, however, when I first saw Tupac rising up out of the floor, I couldn't help but be reminded of Japan's first virtual pop idol, Hatsune Miku.

Next up, how would you guys like to listen to some kickass New Zealander bands?  Both of these bands are brand new, getting their starts in 2008 and 2009, and one doesn't even have a Wikipedia page yet!  That's how you can tell if a band is still small: there's no Wikipedia page on them. :)  Well here the bands are; the first is a very modern-rock sounding band called Black River Drive, and their single, "Call The Doctor."  The second band, called Shotgun Alley, has a sound that perfectly blends 80's hard rock with modern rock, like in these two songs: "Look At Me Now," and "Can't Stop This."  These excellent Kiwi bands have their fellow countryman Dave to thank for their mention, and I would like to thank him for the opportunity to hear them as well!  Thank you Dave!  See you all tomorrow!

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