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May 17, 2012
Bold As Love
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Axis: Bold As Love (1967)

When Rolling Stone took a poll on which dead rock stars people would like to see holograms of, Jimi Hendrix beat out everyone by a longshot.  It makes me wonder how they would incorporate guitar playing AND singing into the hologram experience, and whether that would have as big an impact as seeing someone play live.  Either way, we can all be sure to see more holograms being used in the future - both for dead artists and for other regular concerts.  The Sultan brought up an excellent point while we were talking about it: many pop stars nowadays will start finding uses for holograms unrelated to dead people.  Can't you picture Lady Gaga using a hologram in one of her concerts, singing a duet with herself?  Or having a crowd of Gagas all crowded around, singing to the real Gaga?  The prospects are near limitless.


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