230: ZZ Top

And their faces were never seen again. . . You know what the funniest thing about ZZ Top is?  Frank's last name is Beard.  It's fucking comedy gold.  Not only have ZZ Top never shaved off their beards in the last 35 years, they have also never gone anywhere in public without some kind of hat.  Go ahead, google search it.  You won't find any beardless or hatless pictures of them from the last 35 years.  And the whole thing started just like the comic.  They're like, the coolest goddamn guys on the planet.

Speaking of cool guys, there's this one dude named Glen from Scotland who is totally cool.  He sends me music.  Why, I even have a band for you all today that he sent me!  It's a British band known as Sonic Boom Six, and they're quite. . . unique.  These guys do songs of all different styles, effectively blending sounds from punk, ska, pop, and hip-hop into something totally original.  And then combine all that with dual male and female vocalists, and you get this.  The girl's voice is so tiny, and yet it gets really infectious after a while.  Here's another song to showcase some different styles, this one is more poppy.  Thank you for this eclectic little gem, Glen.  And to round off the artists for today, we have a really amazing blues guitarist named Bjørn Berge.  Hailing from Norway and excelling on the acoustic guitar, the man is one of the most skilled people with a guitar slide I've ever heard.  Here's a popular song of his that shows this off, the track called "Antipop." And here's the song that was originally recommended to me, a cover of the song "Zebra" by the John Butler Trio.  I'd like to thank Morten from Someplace that's probably Nordic.  Now, have a great weekend everybody!

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