Song of the Day

May 18, 2012
I Got The Six
ZZ Top
Eliminator (1983)

Here's a great song from ZZ Top's most successful album, 1983's Eliminator.  The album is named after a car that guitarist Billy Gibbons designed - a Ford Coupe chassis with a Corvette engine - that he named "The Eliminator".  The car is shown on the album cover, and is featured in many of the band's music videos, being very noticeable with its bright red finish and Z-shaped racing stripes.

The album contains one of ZZ Top's biggest hits, "Sharp Dressed Man," and is considered their best record.  At this point in their career, ZZ Top was moving towards a more techno-blues style, often using drum machines and synthesizers as backbeats to their blues rock.  It gained them a lot of popularity in the 80's, which eventually died down after a few albums of it.


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