231: Cancellation

Hey look, Dave's shirt changed color between the first two panels.  It's not a mistake, Dave is just magic.  I think if there was anyone who would have the power to magically change the color of their clothes, it would be David Lee Roth.  This comic is based on a news story that came out over the weekend, which stated that many Van Halen shows have been postponed indefinitely, possibly even cancelled, presumably due to fighting between band members.  Checking the news again just a few minutes before posting this, David Lee Roth has said that the shows are only postponed, and not cancelled, and that it's due to the band being exhausted from their busy schedule.  The band claims to be getting along better than ever, which would mean that my comic is outdated by one day.  Oh well, it still applies to every other time of their entire history together.  :)

Time to start off the week with some MIND-BLOWING guitar playing.  This here is an English guitarist by the name of Guthrie Govan.  He's been involved with a few bands, such as Asia, but his real talent is in his solo work.  Check him out shredding in this video, playing his song "Fives", which as you might have guessed, is in 5/4 timing.  Frankly, I've never heard someone make 5/4 seem so natural while playing this fast.  And since the man deserves some more credit, here's another one of his songs, "Wonderful Slippery Thing" (that's what she said).  And who shall I give my humble thanks to for sharing this artist with me?  Why it's none other than Emil, from... uh, Emil... land?  Thank you, Emil!  And rounding off the music for the day is a fucking hilarious American band called Electric Six.  Their songs are great, and the lyrics are hysterical, but where the band really shines is with their music videos.  Need some convincing?  I've got two words for you: Gay Lincoln.  Want some more?  Of course you do!  I mean, come on! Gay Lincoln!  Well now it's time to hide yer kids and turn on some mood lighting, because these guys are about to rock your world.  Literally one of the best videos I've seen in a long time.  As you can hear from this song, Electric Six do quite a lot of disco as well as rock.  And they have a shot at bringing it back, too, because I want to dance everytime I watch it.  This priceless artifact of a band was dusted off and presented to me by Jorge from Spain.  That man is the bomb.

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