233: Rock Nerd

Rival Sons is a new band that sounds like the old stuff.  You know what I'm talking about.  Bluesy and classic-sounding, easily acquaintable to bands like Led Zeppelin, everything the classic rock nerd looks for.  Check out a few of their songs here, and here.  They only just formed in 2008, and yet they've already released two albums and one EP, and each is even better than the last.  (I bought all three!)  When Barcel from Poland first introduced them to me way back when, it only took one song to get me hooked for life.

Now, you guys might have noticed that there has been a severe lack of regular shoutouts for the last few weeks.  During my week off I let emails pile up without answering them and I've been slowly catching up ever since then.  I'm still a few weeks behind, so if you've emailed me within the last few weeks, I will definitely get to your email before long.  But as I was catching up, the number of people I wanted to give shoutouts to kept growing and growing, and so I decided to wait in order to do something special for them all.  And now here it is.  I am pleased to present to you: an epic Shoutout Song, dedicated to everyone who emailed me during the last two weeks of April.

(Sing the following to the tune of an Irish jig)  Ahem. . .

Oh, for three weeks I was lazy, I was active as a snail, and I let things pile up for me with all your thoughtful mail, but it's
Time for me shape it up, get active, get to work, because otherwise I'd just remain a dumb ungrateful jerk.  So I'd
Like to take this time to list some really awesome names, after hearing from these people I will never be the same.  They de-
serve so much appreciation, how much can I give?  Well, I promise my devotion for as long as I shall live.

(Sing this part faster) OHHHHH, there was
Dave from New Zealand and Jamie from Scotland and Emil from Denmark toooooo, and
Martin from Norway and Morten from Somewhere and Callen from "Haven't A Clue."  There's a
Couple of Brits who have sharpened their wits namely Stevie and Phil and then Jake, and from
Down in South Africa, there is some traffic our Adam and Andy can make.  Then there's
Will from Australia, then from New Zealand comes marvelous BlueShift Man.  Alex-
ander is down in Zimbabwe, where it is easy to get a tan.  And from
I-Don't-Know-Where is the great Krasimir then the handsome Canadian, Troy.  And from
Up in New Hampshire a person named Yana who totally isn't a boy (RHYME!).  And
From Venezuela a wonderful male ya know Gabriel's never a fool, and finally,
Last but not least is a man named Luiz, this Brazilian's awesomely cool.  OI!

Those are the new ones, the fabulous new ones that I'd never heard from before, but it
Doesn't end there, it was just the first square, stay and listen a little bit more.  Thanks to
Gøran and Ian and Ele, Ciaran and Eric and Hugo and Ben (the hippo), and
Georgia and Jazzy and Lunch who's so snazzy, Maria, Andreas, and Glen.  Thanks to
Rohan and Taylan, we hope you'll be stayin' with David and Elie and Jeanne.  But don't
Ever attack Dorkylvania's Zack, the most ruthless man you've ever seen.  Hail to
Oleg and Daniel and Hugo and Wendy and JT and also HasJam, and to
Puffmann and Joshua, Andres and Sarah, and Sarah, and Sarah, and Sam.  And we'll
all gather 'round to the center of town and thank everyone else that we know!  Thanks to
Robert, to Logan, to Barcel, to Erick, to Jim and to Jess and to Mo!

Thanks to all of my readers, my faraway readers, the sexiest nerds that I know!  OI!  <3

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