234: Spit-take

No one ever just sits you down and tells you "Hey, did you know that you can be hotter if you really want to?"  I feel like I would have gotten motivated a lot sooner if someone had.  Also, coloring walls and doors sucks, so I didn't.

My Special Edition of Apocalyptic Love arrived today, and it has quickly become the new favorite in my collection.  For those of you who read my review two days ago, I actually went back today and revised it a little bit.  Long story short, it gets an even better score than I originally thought it did.  :)

I've got an awesome fucking band for you all today, brought to us by Jacob from New Hampshire.  This is another classic sounding rock band from America called Taddy Porter.  They opened up for Slash on his last tour at a couple of shows, and seem to have been impressing everyone with their debut album lately.  Here's a song that's become pretty popular so far, a fucking kickass rock track called "Shake Me."  And then I'll add one more, another great single of theirs called "Big Enough."  Their whole debut album, simply called Taddy Porter, is amazing just like this, and is totally worth checking out.  Thank you so much for the recommendation, Jacob!  More to come tomorrow, see you all then!

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