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May 24, 2012
Crazy Life
Slash (with Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators)
Apocalyptic Love [Fanpack Edition] (2012)

Here's one of the bonus tracks on the Limited Edition version of Apocalyptic Love.  I'm pretty sure "Limited Edition" is a misnomer, since I don't remember reading that there's a limit to them at all, but I guess it sounds better than "The Expensive Edition".  The bonus tracks from the Expensive Edition are pretty good, too.  As a song that was kept off of the main album, this one obviously isn't as good as a lot of the ones on the main album, but it does have one of the better solos, for sure.  The solo actually sounds like it was written to match the song.  It still doesn't sound like he took very LONG to write it, but it does sound like it was written specifically for this song, which is what I look for with Slash's solos.


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