Song of the Day

May 27, 2012
Fly To The Angels
Stick It To Ya (1990)

I think it's about time for a hair metal rock ballad, don't you think.  This time by the not-quite-the-80's-anymore hair metal band, Slaughter.  Their debut album, this one, had quite a few hits on it and managed to achieve platinum status, though none of their later albums achieved the landmark.  Hair metal was a very formulaic genre; all the rock songs sounded almost exactly the same to eachother, even by different bands, and it only took one song to make a band famous.  Pretty much every hair metal band in existence is known for one or two good songs and nothing else.  But the rock ballads were where they really earned their fame.  In the 80's, rock ballads were some of ghe most successful songs in the fucking WORLD, and so they also became mandatory for any band hoping to become famous.  The ballads still all sound pretty similar to eachother, but they are far more complex and original than any of the rock songs were at the time (strictly referring to hair metal).

But despite all of the potent flaws that were inherent in the genre, I still love listening to these songs every time.  I mean, this song kicks ass, and it's a love ballad.  The 80's might have been the only time when you could have both of those in the same song.


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