236: Webcomics

And what I also wanted to say but didn't have enough room for: webcomics have even become home to some of the most rewarding and engaging character development stories today, expecially in forms of easily-accessible, long-running media.  And we make it funny.  Basically, we do what TV Sitcoms try to do, but better.

Holy crap, you guys, BANDS.  Like, awesome bands, and stuff.  Have you guys heard of the band The Treatment?  NO YOU HAVE NOT, because I had never even heard of them until Adam from Scotland told me about them.  These guys literally have no recorded material on YouTube, but they have several of their songs from their first album on their Facebook page, and those songs were good eneough to make me go and buy their album on Amazon.  (had to buy an import, unfortunately, but luckily found a cheap one.)  Check out their page to hear some songs, I would recommend starting with the song, "Just Tell Me Why," it's the awesomest.  And then, since I do have their album now, I've uploaded another song to MUSIC page as well.  (There's an older MUSIC page with another one, but I have no idea when that was.  Tough luck.)  Thank you so much for the rec, Adam, this was a spectacular find.  And as if that weren't enough for you greedy bastards, here's another rock band from Sweden who label their music as "Old-school metal,"  and it's a pretty appropriate description.  I present to you, the badass female-fronted rock band, Sister Sin.  This time the credit goes to AndreaSam from Denmark, all hail ye Noble Dane, prince of Danishes (the pastries, not the... you get the idea.)!  And before I leave you all today, I must give my most boisterous thanks to two fine gentlemen, men of exquisite rapport.  Those gentlemen are Robb from Germany, and Cormac from I have no idea where, but since he's named Cormac I'm going to guess Ireland.  Prove me wrong, Cormac.  Don't let stereotypes win.

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