237: Reasons

So I did a guest comic over at Maybe Too Metal to thank them for doing one for me.  Check it out!  Anyone who comments under the comic with a music-inspired pokemon pun gets 100 Nerd Points.

At first I thought I was going to be too tired to write a post today, but nah, I wouldn't be able to give you guys any music that way!  That's no fun!  Then I wouldn't be able to tell you about the band Paper Lions, a Canadian indie/ light rock band.  They had actually been known as The Chucky Danger Band until 2008, when they officially changed their name.  Well here's a great song of theirs off their newest EP, a track entitled, "Travellin'."  But the coolest part about this band is that they have provided a link to download their EP for free, in the video description.  I've listened to it and it's pretty good, best for light rock fans, definitely.  I love when artists do things like this, not only because it's a very selfless act, but also because it actually gets them MORE exposure than they would have otherwise.  I would like to thank Ben the Hippo for providing the link to this video for me.  And finishing up today we have a progressive metal band from America called Animals As Leaders.  The band is known for playing awesome instrumental metal, characterized by the insane guitar skills of leader Tosin Abasi.  Abasi specializes in playing an 8-string guitar, and he also specializes in tapping the shit out of it as fast as he possibly can.  Check out a couple of songs here to get an idea of their style and Abasi's incredible skill.  First is the song "CAFO," featuring the whole band, and second is one of Tosin doing a solo rendition of their song "Wave Of Babies."  Incredible player, and I owe all of my knowledge about him to Gabriel from Venezuela.  Thank you, Gabe!

Oh, and one last thing.  Remember Cormac from yesterday, and how he was totally from Ireland?  Yeah, turns out he's totally NOT from Ireland, but actually America.  Just great, now we can't even stereotype people based on their names!  Thanks a lot, Cormac, way to ruin all of our fun by not being something that I made you were!  You better come back with an Irish passport next time I see you or I will be very upset!    Damn multiculturalism grumble grumble...

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