238: Jimi Hendrix

I love listening to Jimi talk, because I can't understand what the fuck that man is talking about when he speaks.  Check out one of my favorite interviews of him, on the Dick Cavett show.  Good luck trying to understand what the hell he's saying.  My apologies for a late upload, I ran out of pencil lead halfway through drawing the comic so I had to do practically everything in my image editor (which is why the words aren't hand-written).  To make up for the delay, I've got an awesome graphic to share with you.  Created and sent in by Ele from Spain, it's a kickass new version of the Punk-o-meter, in all it's musical glory.  I've never wanted to own something so badly in my life.  Zoom in on the image to read all the text.  Absolutely amazing, Ele.  As a reward, you get to have a date with Avril Lavigne.  She does not know about this yet.

Allow me to add to this amazing with a kickass hard rock band called Tokyo Dragons.  An English band whose song structures and chord progressions remind me very much of KISS, with some awesome guitar riffs to match.  They are definitely a modern band for the classic rock lover.  (Like all my favorite modern bands, apparently.)  Unfortunately, the band is no longer together, but they did leave behind one fucking amazing rock album: 2005's Give Me The Fear.  Here are a couple songs from it, first one called "Get 'Em Off," and then the second, "Teenage Screamers."  Their other album, Hot Nuts (2007), is pretty good too, but doesn't quite live up to this one.  A huge thanks to Marc from Spain for this band!  See you all tomorrow!

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