Actually, when you first listen to the band's music, you would think that the last panel was more true than the first.  CROW'SCLAW is a band that makes metal arrangements of doujin game soundtracks.  Doujin games are independently made computer games, that feature characters taken from famous anime series.  Using someone's characters without permission is illegal in the United States, but in Japan it is simply regarded as helping to increase the fandom for those characters, and is generally allowed.  The music from these games is quite awesome, and ripe for turning into metal, but people obviously don't recognize their soundtracks like they would from a Nintendo game, for example.  This makes CROW'SCLAW's music just sound like original metal instrumentals, and they are pretty freaking sweet.

Unfortunately, the band is still rather small (even after 8 years), and therefore the majority of their albums are difficult to find.  Only one is available on Amazon, and only a few others are available as imports.  But if you manage to get your hands on one of their albums, it is totally worth it (especially their recent ones).  Here are a couple YouTube videos of some songs, both covering tracks from the Touhou Project series of games.  Song one, "Necro Phantasia," and song two, "Night Bug."  Now good luck to you.

And now I'd just like to thank two of my readers, who deserve some special shoutouts.  The first is Mikaela from New Zealand, who managed to make me feel incredibly happy with just a one-sentence email.  What was the one sentence?  I'M NOT TELLING, IT'S MY SECRET!  haha, burn.  And then I'd like to thank all the guys over at Cordilon.net, a gaming community/Minecraft server who are apparently quite fond of a certain comic by yours truly!  Check out their site if you wanna talk about some video games, and their "Stuff We Like" page to check out this really awesome webcomic called "3-Chord Dorks".  I'm not a fan of the comic personally, but other people have told me it's good.  They're all crazy.  Thanks to Mikaela and the whole of Cordilon.net!  And thanks to all the rest of you folks, too!  Be back Monday!

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