Song of the Day

June 2, 2012
Game Of Thrones Theme (Heavy Metal Version)
Whitenoiselab (Original composition by Ramin Djawadi)
It's a f**kin' youtube video (2011)

Here's a metal cover of the amazing theme song from game of thrones.  Much of the intro is used from the original version, and then the artist's own drums and guitars are added later.  The artist, "whitenoiselab," provides a free MP3 of the track beneath his video.  I chose to use the MP3 instead of showing the video because the MP3 has much better sound quality than it does on YouTube.  To watch the video or download the MP3, click right here.

I love this theme.  It's so catchy, and there's so much power in those notes.  Ramin Djawadi captures the series so perfectly in the mood of the song.


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